AutoValet - 24/7 Cleaning Collection

Collection at your convenience- "pick up when you remember, not when you remember and we’re open"

Top Hat introduced the Auto Valet system to Chiswick in 1972 and it's been providing the convenience of 24 hour collection ever since.

The system is easy to use and enables you to pick-up your cleaning whenever you want to. Simply swipe your Top Hat card and the machine selects your items and brings them to the cubicle. When it opens, you remove the cleaning and off you go.

And because it's fully automated, you can do this at any time of the day. If you've got any early start, you can collect before you go to work, or after work on your way home, even if all the shops are closed. You can pick-up late on Saturday night, early Sunday morning, or later after your lie-in! You can even use it on Christmas Day, and none of this costs extra. Our prices are the same whether you use the Auto Valet or choose to call into the shop to collect; there's no sur-charge for all this extra convenience, everyone pays the same.

For the obvious reason of size, we can't use the Auto Valet for bulky items like laundry, curtains or duvets, but then again, it's not often someone has an urgent need for curtains at mid-night!