Why Choose Top Hat?

At Top Hat, when we say "Quality Dry Cleaning", we really mean it - we believe quality is more than just a word. We want to be the best at what we do, and we are proud of our track record of happy customers and excellent service.

Don't take our word for it - read some of our customer's comments on the rightbelow and read on to find out what makes us the Dry Cleaner you can truly trust with your most special items.

Customer Reviews

Stephen Rodgers -

"I’ve been using Top Hat for 10 years and they’ve never let me down."

Dave Jones -

“Mike’s always on top form and provides great dry cleaning too.”

Rachel Gooch -

“Another drycleaner couldn’t clean my dress but Top Hat sorted it by the next day.”

Francis Beckett -

“The 24-hour collection system is simply brilliant – so convenient!”

Gordon Lindsay -

“I needed the suit for Saturday night, so I used the Auto-Valet and collected at 7pm that evening.”


Our established Chiswick branch, on Devonshire Road, also offers you the convenience of a 24/7 collection service, using our Auto Valet option, meaning you can collect your items at a time to suit you. Should you have any problems or questions out-of-hours, you can also contact us by email, and we will usually respond within a few hours and do all we can to accommodate you!

We can also bring your cleaning to whichever branch you prefer to collect from - just let us know when you drop it off!

Care, Expertise and State-of-the-Art Equipment

A simple way to see if your dry cleaner knows what he is doing is to look at his dry cleaning machine. The chemical used to clean your clothes in should look like clean, clear water. This means a soap has been added, the liquid has been filtered and, more importantly, distilled to remove all the dirt, loose dyes and impurities from the cleaning chemical. If it looks more like a pint of Guinness… walk away, because it is full of dirt from other people’s clothes and this is likely to be re-deposited on your items. This is why clothing can appear to turn “grey” in the care of some dry cleaners.

Water is clear and clean.

We chose MeileTM for our washing machine and tumble dryer equipment because they are simply the best on the market, and we added the ‘auto-dose; system to ensure that every load gets the correct mix of chemicals at the right time. This makes sure your shirts, linen, tablecloths, duvets and pillows get the best possible wash.

This system also allows us to start “Wet Cleaning” which enables us to process most “Dry Clean Only” items in the Meile machines, offering many practical and environmental benefits. Dry cleaning is essentially a de-greasing process and, by removing the grease and oils present on your clothes, you remove trapped dirt too. We use the skills, knowledge and experience we have gained over decades to remove the harder stains and spots, knowing that some types of staining will be more suited to the wet clean process, for example raincoats which we can re-waterproof as part of the process in the machine.

Our top quality ironing table and presses provide a crisp finish for linen and the best shirt unit available – ensures equal quality for your shirts.

Quality Cleaning for Quality Clothing

A new customer asked why he should pay me more than his usual dry-cleaner to have his £700, hand-made suits serviced; a good question in these times. While I don’t like to answer a question with a question, I asked him why he had these four wonderful suits on my counter and not on that of his normal dry-cleaners. His reply was "Well, the suits have lost their shape, feel and body", so I answered his question.

The difference he will be paying for is experience and investment in equipment, materials and staff, and the overall quality that produces. We always make sure we are up-to-date with developments within the textile industry – manufacturing and materials, and cleaning techniques and products. When it’s worthwhile we invest in new equipment and ensure our staff know how to maximise its capabilities. .

With reference to my new customer, the soap we add to the dry-cleaning process is the best you can buy in Europe, not the cheapest. This affects the "feel" of the garments, improves their antistatic properties, enhances the brightness of the colours and also offers better stain removal properties. Without getting too technical, it aids dirt particle suspension properties - the soap helps to suspend the dirt particles in the solvent and stops them being re-deposited on to other parts of the garments, causing "greying".

The computer controlled programmes we use are not "factory standard" templates but rather we have used our experience and training to customize key aspects of the cleaning process: rotation of the drum, spin speed, solvent temperature, drying temperature etc. We also distil 80% of the solvent with each load; this is more expensive but it makes sure the solvent is perfectly clean and pure each time we process clothes. We also buy higher grade solvent in the first place, again not just the cheapest.

Both my manger and I have over 30 years experience in the dry-cleaning industry and we oversee our staff to assist and educate them in all aspects of the process. Our presser has ten years experience in a specialised skill that requires at least five years of supervision before you can call yourself proficient.

Convenience is another factor: we open at 7am each morning, allowing commuters early access. Additionally our customers can also collect their dry-cleaning 24/7, whenever it suits them, using our "Auto Valet" collection system.

All this adds up to what we consider to be old-fashioned value for money, and that is why that new customer had his £700, hand-made suits on the Top Hat counter...

Mike Moran